KitBash3D joins Epic’s new marketplace

During the State of Unreal keynote at GDC, Epic Games announced its upcoming creator marketplace, Fab. Developers who want to make digital experiences can buy assets at the Fab marketplace and use them to create content. KitBash3D said they will bring the entire KitBash3D library to Fab, making it available for all sorts of developers.

Fab will offer digital creators a whole suite of assets to use, including KitBash3D’s entire library. (Source: KitBash3D)

“We believe that UEFN [Unreal Editor for Fortnite] and Fab are the next big opportunities for developers and 3D content creators. As we look towards the future of gaming and the development of the metaverse, the democratization of quality assets plays a critical role in realizing that reality,” said Banks Boutté, co-CEO of KitBash3D.

This is fantastic news for anyone building digital experiences in Unreal Engine. Soon, Unreal developers will have access to the KitBash3D library used in hit films like Dr. Strange and Spider-man, and huge AAA games like The Last of Us Part II. Some assets are already available on the marketplace, and additional assets will become available throughout the year.