Google says goodbye to Glass—again

google glass

A decade ago, when Google thought it would change the world with its Google Glass, the world seemed less excited about the prospect of smartglasses than Google did. The concept seemed to divide the world into two camps: tech geeks who thought Google Glass was cool, and those who were uncomfortable with the tech and shunned it. Unfortunately, the latter were in the majority, and Google dropped Glass fast and hard. Strike 1.

After a few years, Google thought it had identified one of the problems. Glass was geared to the public, which was not ready for this technology. So, the company decided to court the business user and introduced the Enterprise Edition/Enterprise Edition 2. Alas, it fared no better. Recently, Google announced it was discontinuing sales of this Glass reincarnation immediately, with support for the product ending in September. Strike 2.

google glass

This writer thinks Glass was clearly misunderstood and ahead of its time.

Will there be a strike 3? Or, will Google or some other company hit a home run with smartglasses that really catch on? We’ll just have to wait and see. But for now, one thing is clear: Glass is out!