Importing CAD data into Unreal Engine? No problem

Epic Games has selected Hoops Exchange to enable CAD data import into their Datasmith, a collection of tools that Unreal Engine customers can use to import entire pre-constructed scenes or complex assets and assemblies from industry-standard design applications into the popular Unreal Engine.

Datasmith is a tool collection that helps import CAD data into Unreal Engine. Hoops Exchange will support that process. (Source: Epic Games)

Native CAD formats require high quality—and high quality is a lot of work for 3D visualization tools, making it difficult to migrate CAD files into the engine for interactive visualization purposes. Epic uses its Datasmith for getting CAD formats into Unreal Engine, but a data-translation SDK is required. After a more in-depth study, Epic decided to change to the Hoops Exchange, which supports a wider range of 3D design applications and formats.