FMX announces speakers for its first online conference

Outside FMX hallFMX has confirmed first lineup of speakers for its first online edition from May 4 to May 6, 2021. The theme of this year’s virtual show is “Reimagine Tomorrow.” Due to coronavirus pandemic outbreak last year, people adopted remote and virtual workflows around the world. FMX 2021 will be offering live sessions, presentations, discussions, and keynotes on how the industry is adjusting to new processes as we reimagine tomorrow.

The list of confirmed speakers includes:

  • Glen Keane, director of the animation movie Over the Moon, with producers Peilin Chou and Gennie Rim.
  • Florian Gellinger, owner/executive VFX producer at RISE.
  • Cinzia Angelini, head of story and director at Cinesite.
  • X’s creative team Trey Harrell (VFX supervisor), Jo Hughes (VFX producer), Ayo Burgess (DFX supervisor), and Tom Nagy (animation supervisor).

Ticket sales for FMX 2021 will start on February 15, 2021, via For further information, please see

FMX is also calling for projects submissions for Animation Production Days (APD) that will occur as an online or hybrid event (May 4–7, 2021). Feature film, series, games, cross and transmedia projects in the concept or development stage can be submitted until 22 February. Hybrid formats, a mixture of animated and live-action film, are also permitted.

The press release follows:

FMX 2021: First Confirmed Speakers!

Dear FMX Community,

we are thrilled to share the first confirmations for FMX 2021 with you!

FMX’s first online edition from May 4–6 will not only showcase innovative projects, inspiring personalities and creative trends but will create a space for you to connect to an international community of established experts and industry talents.

Over the Moon: Glen Keane Confirmed

FMX will host several presentations dedicated to the animation movie Over the Moon:

The Making of Over the Moon
Join Over the Moon director Glen Keane and producers Peilin Chou and Gennie Rim in a discussion about the creative origins of the project, developing the world of the film, and bringing the characters to life.

The World of Over the Moon
Over the Moon production designer Celine Desrumaux talks creative inspirations, designing the look and feel of the film, and working with filmmaker Glen Keane.

Further Confirmations: Rise Pictures, Short Film Mila and Video Game Adaptation Monster Hunter

Highlighting this year’s FMX theme ‘Reimagine Tomorrow,’ Florian Gellinger will give a keynote on how the internationally acclaimed VFX studio RISE | Visual Effects Studios evolved from a creative services provider into a content creator studio by co-producing animated and live-action content for the big and small screen through RISE Pictures, its film and TV production company. The keynote will feature the company’s first in-house productions Dragon Rider and Stowaway, taking a close look at the lessons learned over the past years.

In the spirit of the theme ‘Reimagine Tomorrow,’ Cinzia Angelini (Head of Story and Director at Cinesite) will present the incredible production story of short film Mila: Over the past decade, 350 volunteers from 35 countries contributed to the film remotely. Through a unique, worldwide online collaboration that included scores of volunteers and sponsors PepperMax Films, Pixelcartoon, IbiscusMedia, and with substantial support from Cinesite and Aniventure, this powerful short was completed.

Get an in depth look at how each monster was created for Paul W.S. Anderson’s cinematic adaption of the wildly popular video game Monster Hunter with the creative team behind the visual effects. Join MR. X’s Trey Harrell (VFX Supervisor), Jo Hughes (VFX Producer), Ayo Burgess (DFX Supervisor) and Tom Nagy (Animation Supervisor) as they walk us through how they adapted Capcom’s famous video game creatures for the silver screen.

FMX is one of the world’s most influential digital entertainment conferences. In 2021, the first online edition of FMX (May 4-6, 2021) will feature an entirely virtual conference program dedicated to the central theme Reimagine Tomorrow. Over three conference days, FMX will invite exceptional media creators to share their insights with an audience of professionals and students on a virtual event platform.

FMX 2021 tickets sales starting in February

Ticket sales for FMX 2021 will start on February 15, 2021 via Unlike previous years, tickets for FMX will be valid from the first day of the conference on May 4 up until July, giving the audience the opportunity to watch conference presentations via video on demand.

For further information, please see

FMX Spotlight on Mulan: Bringing Legend to Life

FMX continues their online series FMX Spotlight on February 2, 2021: WETA’s VFX Supervisor Anders Langlands will share insights on how they created the vast imperial city for the live-action reimagining of Mulan.

FMX Spotlight on Mulan: Bringing Legend to Life is a live show taking place on February 2, 2021, 20:00 CET on

Detailed information is available on