FMX features Phil Tippett in conversation

FMX summer program features interviews and presentations from the past and present.

The FMX conference continues this year as a digital production and is combining the greatest hits with new content. Coming up, FMX will feature “A Phantasmagorical Journey with Phil Tippett,” Monday, July 20, 8 PM CET/11 AM PST on

One of our huge regrets around FMX was missing Phil Tippett’s talk at FMX in 2018 and the debut of his passion project Mad God, a project Tippett struggled for years to make in between paying jobs. It was eventually completed with the help of Tippett Studio animators who wouldn’t let the project die and, with Kickstarter, let the world contribute.

In 2018, Tippett gave a rip-snorting introduction to his film and in general unloaded his feelings about the nature of Hollywood today. This year, the FMX Live Show will feature Tippett in conversation with his friend Arne Hain, an animation student at Animationsinstitut.

Tippett has helped define the language of modern filmmaking with his work that spans his work on the Star Wars franchise, which includes creating the miniature chess scene for Star Wars: A New Hope in 1975 to the creation of the Imperial Walkers for Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and his ongoing myth making for Jurassic Park.

Tippett at one time saw himself as a victim of digitalization as the ability to create realistic creatures and effects in computer graphics software began to replace practical animation but in the end, he and Tippett Studios thrived during the digital age but he’s never forgotten his roots.

Haim and Tippett will talk about an amazing career that reflects the history of animation. Tippett will talk about the implications of the transition from stop motion to computer generated animation. And, of course, Tippett will talk about Mad God, which is now available for purchase.

FMX has put together a great program this summer at Check it out. You’ll get access to past presentations and that’s where you can catch the conversation between Tippett and Haim live.

And if you can’t get enough of Mr. Trippet, he will also be the keynote speaker at this year’s Siggraph Pioneers virtual conference on Tuesday, 25 August.