AIBs for sale

Not long ago they were scarce.

After the shift of Ethereum from GPUs to ASICs, the speculators that bought up all the available AIBs in 2021 found themselves with inventory they couldn’t unload. In 2022, the speculators started dumping them. One man’s trash is another’s gold. So, the AIBs, still in their original boxes, not run down over stressed miners’ AIBs, found their way to street merchants in Asia, and at greatly reduced prices.

Vietnam’s Lê Thành, the self-proclaimed “King of VGA,” made a comedy video about selling AIBs by the pound. (Source: Lê Thành’s Facebook)

Lê Thành shared pictures of dozens of AIBs stacked up on the curbside in a satire of a Vietnamese street food stall. There is also a video with the vendor waving flies away with a net while waiting for customers. Then, a guy on a scooter stops, looks things over, and buys a bundle of AIBs after the seller weighs them and hands them to the buyer in a flimsy plastic bag. Have a nice day.