ScanToNURBS links 3D scanning to 3ds Max

Imported models can have G1 curve continuity across surface boundaries.

NURBS specialist nPower Software has released a new plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max that imports 3D scans as as NURBS-based meshes suitable for further work in 3ds Max and most CAD products. The product is targeted at designers based in 3ds Max who need to scan models or import complex parts, with the distinct possibility the data will move on to a 3D CAD system.

Power ScanToNURBS is based on IntegrityWare’s SOLIDS++ geometric modeling Kernel, a hybrid modeling system that supports solids, surface and polygonal modeling. It can work alongside nPower’s Power NURBS, which provides NURBS modeling capabilities for 3ds Max. Power ScanToNURBS converts scanned mesh data to create high quality smooth surfaces, with at least G1 continuity across surface boundaries.

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