Nemetschek Scia releases Scia Engineer 14

Latest release of Scia Engineer 14 strengthens interoperability, analysis tools, and centralizes data within BIM workflow.

Linking BIM, Structural Analysis and Design

Nemetschek is announcing the latest release Scia Engineer 14. The company says this new release will focuses on three key areas: Open Design, BIM Interoperability and Usability.

Open Design:  Engineers can bring their engineering calculations into Scia Engineer’s Finite Element Analysis model. Introduced in early April 2014, support for Open Design means that engineers can do their own custom engineering calculations and link them to Scia Engineer’s FEA, enabling them to maintain their work within the Scia Engineer workflow, and they can easily see what formulas and methods were used. Nemetschek says engineers will no longer be tied to any one software vendor.scia2014

BIM Interoperability: Nemetschek highlights support in Scia Engineer 14 for Revit 2015, the new 64-bit version of Tekla Structures, and Allplan 2014-1 and the company has reaffirmed its commitment to Open BIM. The company has achieved IFC 2.x.3 certification, enabling easier sharing between designers, contractors, and fabricators even when they’re using different tools.

Usability: New features in Scia Engineer 14 includes support for Adaptive Mesh Refinement, and a new results view. The new adaptive mesh refinement includes automation, which detects where the mesh size should be refined and it can automatically make refinements according to user-defined tolerances. The new results view includes realistic deformations and stresses in an interactive 3D view. The program also adds support for load combinations to IBC 2012 and ASCE 7-10, as well as 3D wind load generation and application per the ASCE 7-10. They’ve also added context sensitive online help, table interface improvements, and more.