Maxwell Render offers wacky ¡Vamos España! promotion

If Spain does well in Euro Cup futbol, you can save big bucks.  

Most news outlets, including ours, don’t write about sales promotions, for good reason. If we did, we wouldn’t have room for real news. We sell advertising for that purpose. But Maxwell Render is running such a wacky promotion right now we can’t help but comment.

It seems they are betting on Spain doing well in the upcoming Euro Cup football championships (soccer to us North Americans). Every time Spain scores a regulation goal the price of a new copy of Maxwell Render goes down 10% until the start of the next game.

After that, the rules get twisty, depending on if Spain scores on penalty shots, or if they are booted out of the tournament. The complete set of rules for the promotion are on the Maxwell Render Euro Cup 2012 Promo page.

As one of the favored teams in this year’s competition, this could get pricey for Maxwell Render.

We know a couple of other technical graphics companies headed by soccer fans; perhaps we can convince them to join in the fun.