Graphisoft updates BIMx app for Retina Display

BIMx goes beyond other AEC viewers with such features as gravity, egress recognition, and stereoscopic view.

AEC software vendor Graphisoft has updated the iOS apps in its BIMx model review suite to take advantage of Retina Display on the iPhone 4 and the latest version of iPad.

The pixel count on the newest iPad is quadrupled from previous versions, presenting a challenge to software developers. Graphisoft describes their approach to mobile display as “identical to mainstream computer games” where data is constantly streaming to the device. The wider BIMx community portal, including  the iOS apps, runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

As part of a larger suite, BIMx offers more than the ability to view or mark-up models. It offers what Graphisoft calls a “natural” building explorer environment, which includes a variety of visual filters, gravity, egress recognition, and more.

Specific features

Display modes:

  • Realistic
  • Hidden line
  • Simple shading
  • Metal
  • Stereo 3D

Navigation modes:

  • Fly mode
  • Gravity


  • Antialiasing
  • Left-handed joystick
  • Reversed rotate and pan direction
  • Navigation speed

Navigation tools:

  • Joystick
  • One and two finger controls (zoom, pan, rotate etc.)
  • Map

The Retina Display-compatible BIMx is available new and as an update (1.2.455) in the App Store and is free of charge. Graphisoft is a division of AEC software vendor Nemetschek, which also produces the Allplan and Vectorworks AEC product lines.

Graphisoft’s BIMx app includes a variety of specialized viewing features including gravity and egress recognition. (Source: Graphisoft)