How about that resolution?

World's most advanced display

What is, oh, so thin, has a new M4 chip, brings ray tracing to the tablet, is faster than a speeding bullet (well, actually, 4× faster than the M2) at rendering, achieves up to 1.5× faster CPU performance than the M2, sports a 12MP camera, powers through advanced workflows, supports some wonderful new peripherals, and is touted as having the world’s most advanced display? It’s Apple’s new iPad Pro.

Now, about that display. It’s the new Ultra Retina XDR with tandem OLED technology. It offers extreme brightness, precise contrast, and technologies like ProMotion and True Tone for a truly amazing visual experience. As for resolution… uh, we’re looking… And looking some more. Found it. Not on the main Overview page, which provides a nice in-depth look at the device and its capabilities, but on the Tech Specs page, which you can get to by locating the tiny button at the top of that beautifully designed Overview page. The resolution is amazing; Apple should celebrate and add that number, in pixels, to the main page for all to see during their first description encounter.

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