At Graphisoft, it’s time to ‘Collaborate’

A subscription-based offering, Graphisoft’s new Archicad Collaborate melds Archicad for architectural design and BIMcloud SaaS for access to shared projects in real time.

Collaboration is not a new topic in the world of construction. Yet so far, most attempts to provide a comprehensive approach have not captured this market.

Graphisoft has just announced an entry, Archicad Collaborate. While we have not yet had an opportunity to put this product through its paces, the release makes interesting promises.

“Graphisoft Collaborate is not just a document sharing tool, but a complete project management system. With advanced version control features, real-time updates, and a robust commenting system, it makes it easy for teams to collaborate and share documents, drawings, and other project-related files,” the company states. “Additionally, its powerful project management features allow team leaders to set milestones, track progress, and monitor project timelines, making it an all-in-one solution for architecture and engineering firms.”

The customizable user permissions feature is particularly notable, as it allows team leaders to control who has access to what information, ensuring that sensitive data stays secure. “This feature, along with the seamless collaboration and user-friendly interface, makes Graphisoft Collaborate a top choice for architecture and engineering firms seeking to streamline their project collaboration process,” the company further stated.

Graphisoft seems to have created Collaborate by packing Archicad with BIMcloud SaaS, along with a variety of additional services—all within the subscription price of Archicad alone.

The product includes:

  • Archicad—A robust design solution with a renowned user-friendly interface that makes the BIM software particularly efficient and intuitive to use.
  • BIMcloud software as a service—Users access their data via a secure cloud solution for fast, flexible, secure access to shared projects in real time.
  • Exclusive data and collaboration services including access to Graphisoft Learn courses and training materials; emergency licenses and technical support; Redshift by Maxon, a high-end rendering tool; Param-O, a parametric object design tool; the Library Part Maker add-on for creating detailed Library objects; and Python API for customized and automated Archicad workflows.