New book by Jon Peddie explains our Augmented Reality future

Augmented Reality: Where We Will All Live makes a clear distinction between AR and other forms of immersive graphics. 

A new book by computer graphics pioneer and researcher Dr. Jon Peddie takes a close look at the impact and potential of augmented reality. Augmented Reality: Where We Will All Live provides an in-depth exploration of the field of augmented reality (AR) in its entirety and sets out to distinguish AR from other inter-related technologies like virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR).

Jon Peddie believes augmented reality will transform our lives by making us all safer, and better informed.

Peddie presents AR from its initial philosophies and early developments, to its current technologies and its impact on our modern society, to its possible future developments. The book provides readers with the tools to understand issues relating to defining, building, and using our perception of what is represented in our perceived reality, and ultimately how we assimilate and react to this information.

Augmented Reality: Where We Will All Live can be used as a comprehensive guide to the field of AR and provides valuable insights for technologists, marketers, business managers, educators and academics who are interested in the field of augmented reality; its concepts, history, practices and the science behind this rapidly advancing field of research and development.

Augmented Reality: Where We Will All Live (Springer, 2017) is available from ind the book, Springer Publishing, and at the Jon Peddie Research web site.