Datakit updates add Creo Parametric 4.0 support

Other improvements include better handling of PMI and other metadata.

Updates in the latest version of multi-CAD translator Datakit include support for PTC Creo 4.0 and a variety of technical improvements to improve the accuracy of metadata translation. Datakit software can now read files from Pro/Engineer 2000i to Creo 4.0, converting to many 2D and 3D formats.

Creo file converted in 3DPDF with CrossManager. PMI is retained. Selecting a PMI highlights the matching entity. (Source: Datakit; model: courtesy of NIST)

Other updates to the Datakit Creo reader:

ModelDisplays — Predefined views managing an entity filtering, an orientation, and an eventual cutting plane are now supported.

Hole, Pattern, and Pipe — Features are recovered in parts as well as in assemblies. They are accompanied by semantical data, allowing retrieval of technical information, such as tolerances and profile of a hole.

Connectors — Connectors, which link an entity with its geometry, are retained in translation. This allows, for instance, highlighting an entity when selecting the associated PMI (Product Manufacturing Information).

PMI — Previously supported, but this update adds support for new data types including FD&T, GD&T, and 3D annotations.

Creo file converted in 3DPDF with CrossManager. Selecting a “hole” feature highlights the hole in the geometry. Semantical information of the hole is displayed. ModelDisplays of the original file are available. (Source: Datakit; model: courtesy of NIST)

What do we think?

When translating from one format to another, it is about much more than the raw geometry. Datakit users who upgrade to Creo 4.0 will have the advantage of importing and exporting a more complete record of design and manufacturing intent, saving time, and eliminating sources of confusion for the entire value chain. Because Datakit sells to both end users and other software vendors, the ripple effect of this update sets a higher bar in CAD interoperability for everyone.  

A chart of formats supported by CrossManager, the Datakit CAD files converter. CrossManager can translate Creo 4.0 files (.prt, .asm, .xpr, .xas, .drw) to more than twenty formats. (Source: Datakit)