Unreal Engine and Unity plugins launched for Ftrack Studio

Ftrack, developer of scalable project management and media review software, has announced the availability of the Unreal Engine and Unity plugins for Ftrack Studio. The plugins come as standard with any Ftrack Studio subscription. Ftrack Studio is a project management, production tracking, and media review platform. It helps creators plan projects and track resources from start to finish.

With the Unreal Engine and Unity plugins, artists and producers can manage, schedule, track, organize, and communicate on realtime animation progress via a native Ftrack panel accessed within the Unreal Engine or Unity interface. As realtime productions are growing and becoming complex, effective project management processes are much in demand. Artists can focus on their work, spending lesser time on manual tracking in the realtime projects.

Unreal Engine and Unity plugin features

  • For everyone: Import assets from Unreal Engine/Unity into Ftrack Studio; version assets; publish projects to Ftrack Studio and view published assets; reimport a published scene.
  • For producers: Supervise all ongoing work in a realtime pipeline; organize project workflows; allocate teams and individuals to tasks; run online video review on assets.
  • For artists: Follow detailed to-dos as curated by project coordinators; add notes to work; update versions; document all progress and notes in Ftrack Studio’s production tracking platform.

Ftrack Studio integration with Unreal Engine. (Source: Vimeo)

Ftrack Studio integration with Unity. (Source: Vimeo)