Adobe’s $1 million fund is helping creative community in more than monetary ways

An excellent opportunity to get hired for Adobe-commissioned projects and attend career guidance workshops.

More than five years ago, Adobe introduced Adobe Creative Residency program for creative professionals. The motto of the program is “Create. Share. Activate. Empower.” The selected residents get access to the Adobe creative tools and resources, guidance from advisors, and a compensation package.  While working on their personal projects, the residents share their processes, insights, and knowledge, inspiring many other creative professionals along the way.

2020 brought exceptional challenges to the world. The way people were working changed overnight. In order to address the needs of creative community, Adobe decided to restructure its Creative Residency program. While Adobe hired just two Creative Residents last year, it announced a $1 million Creative Residency Community Fund to support more creators with funding for their personal projects and hiring them for Adobe-commissioned projects over the next year. Adobe offers grants of $500–$5,000 USD for either a portfolio project or a paid Adobe project commission. Each year, the program runs for 12 months starting from May to April and gives grants each month. The program is gaining popularity. As the number of residents grow each year, it has expanded into countries like US, Germany, England, and Japan.

The Creative Residency Community Fund is open worldwide and the recipients of both the personal projects and commissioned projects get additional support from Adobe including a Creative Cloud membership and career guidance workshops. A user can apply for the Creative Residency Community Fund here.

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