Firefly GenAI features go mobile

Adobe Express

Adobe is “Express’ing” Firefly AI to users with an all-new Express mobile app that enables content creation on the go, bringing Firefly generative AI features to content creators and making it fast and easy for them to ideate, design, and share social media posts, flyers, logos, and more.

The new Adobe Express mobile app pulls Adobe’s photo, design, video, and generative AI capabilities into an all-in-one content editor that can be used by marketers, designers, social media content creators, and others.

Adobe Express
Using the Adobe Express mobile app. (Source: Adobe)

Adobe Express is powered by Adobe Firefly generative AI, making it easy for users of any skill level to use the tools, including features such as Text to Image, Text Effects, Generative Fill, and Text to Template, to instantly create beautiful images and designs; insert, remove and replace people or objects; and make attention-grabbing headlines that pop—all from a simple text prompt. Other AI features like Animate from Audio and Caption Videos automate complex processes into one-click actions. 

In early March, Adobe had announced the Express mobile app for Android and iOS in beta.

In other news, Adobe previewed GenAI innovations within Premiere Pro that will be coming sometime this year. This includes the ability to add or remove objects in a scene or extending an existing clip. These capabilities will be powered by a new video model that will join the family of Firefly models including Image, Vector, Design, and Text Effects.

And, Adobe recently announced V4 for video collaboration, with new workflow management for organizing assets using metadata and collections; a redesigned player with improved commenting tools for better feedback; and consolidated sharing and presentation that allows for browsing, previewing, and customizing content from a single location. V4 rolled out in beta for Free and Pro customers across the Web, iPhone, and iPad, arriving in stages throughout the year. V4 will launch for Team and Enterprise users later in the year.