Beta Blend for volumetric video

Arcturus has been focused on volumetric video since its founding. The company offers the HoloSuite, a post-production platform for volumetric video that is capture agnostic. Recently, Arcturus released updates to HoloSuite, including a new beta feature to connect volumetric video clips and seamlessly blend them.

A new blend tool, now in beta, will soon be available in Arcturus’ HoloSuite following the beta. (Source: Arcturus)

With Blend, HoloSuite users can take a volumetric video clip featuring a live-action performance and connect that clip to other related clips, creating an imperceptible transition from one segment to another. Artists can also use Blend to loop the end of a clip back to its start, creating a recording of a photorealistic subject moving and interacting that continually repeats. This means content creators can populate full virtual production scenes with real people, build live-action branching narratives with no gaps, and offer original experiences for the metaverse using people instead of CG avatars.

Following the beta period, Blend will become a standard feature in HoloSuite.