A new beginning

Paul Babb has been the public face of Maxon for over 25 years. His journey in the CG industry began in the early 1990s, with Electric Image. Eventually, he landed at Germany-based Maxon, maker of Cinema 3D software. Babb was tapped to lead the company’s efforts in establishing a foothold in the US, which he did through his sales and marketing endeavors, and later also took on a global role within the company. Since Babb’s time at Maxon, the company’s position within the 3D content creation realm has greatly expanded. After a quarter century as the company’s evangelist and event frontman, Babb decided it was time to move on, doing a slow exit in the early part of the year as he extricated himself from ties forged over two and a half decades. Meanwhile, Babb is looking forward to “the next thing,” and Maxon is continuing to move the meter in the DCC industry.

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