Announcing Karen Moltenbrey as Editor-in-Chief for Jon Peddie Research

An influencer, and mentor to the computer graphics community, she will broaden JPR’s extensive industry knowledge and experience.

Jon Peddie Research (JPR) proudly announces the appointment of proven industry leader Karen Moltenbrey to editor-in-chief for Jon Peddie Research. She will be actively involved in determining the direction and content of various JPR projects, including the GraphicSpeak news site, Tech Watch, and Reports. Moltenbrey joins Chris Vienneau, who recently joined JPR as vice president of media and entertainment.

“The expansion of the JPR team broadens our scope and range, and I am proud to be able to work with such industry luminaries,” said Dr. Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Research.

For the past 24 years, Karen has been a highly respected editor and writer for Computer Graphics World magazine, serving as chief editor for the past 16 years. Throughout this time, she has written countless news and feature articles on topics spanning film, television/streaming, computer gaming, digital fine art, AR-VR-XR, and more.

“We are thrilled to have an editor-in-chief of Karen’s high caliber join our team. She is stepping in with a fresh perspective at a great time as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of JPR and the 10th anniversary of our GraphicSpeak news site,” continued Peddie.

“As our news sites and reports have expanded in content and scope, our previous editor-in-chief, Kathleen Maher, will be assuming the JPR executive editor position. In addition, Maher will continue managing and producing our annual CAD Report,” said Peddie.

In her previous position, Moltenbrey interviewed many top names within the M&E industry, managed the magazine’s website, and assigned and edited articles from contributors. In addition, she has been a constant presence at industry trade shows, including NAB, GDC, GTC, Siggraph, and others.

Moltenbrey initiated the Siggraph student panel Get Connected, hosting high-profile industry experts who relayed their experiences past and present to the Siggraph Student Volunteers and provided them an insider snapshot of the computer graphics (CG) industry. Over the years, she has amassed numerous technical writing awards from various media organizations such as ASBPE, Folio, Society for Technical Communications, and American Business Media.

In addition, Karen assisted in writing and editing the book “Hypershift” about how an established company like Intel can work with inventors and entrepreneurs to leverage innovation to enter new markets. Also, she has written articles on postproduction for both Post Magazine and Post Perspective and has crafted pieces for various vendors and PR agencies in the M&E space.