Tech Soft 3D optimizes HOOPS line of development platforms for Native and Web

The toolmaker for 3D technical applications is riding the wave of WebGL and simultaneous app development.  

3D technology development vendor Tech Soft 3D has updated its suite of development platforms to be equally valuable for desktop, cloud/browser, and mobile app software development.   

Tech Soft 3D creates development platforms for technical graphics software development; its software is used by most of the leading CAD vendors. (Source: Tech Soft 3D)

HOOPS Native Platform 2017, HOOPS Web Platform 2017 and HOOPS Platform 2017 are all designed to provide the same level of graphics performance, despite the platform differences. Tech Soft 3D products are used by a wide variety of vendors to create products for CAD, 3D data publishing, native 3D PDF, HTML, and related applications.

“The explosion of cloud and mobile computing, and advances in browser-based technology are transforming markets and creating incredible business opportunities as well as challenges for developers of engineering software.” says Ron Fritz, CEO of Tech Soft 3D.

The three primary platforms — HOOPS Native Platform 2017, HOOPS Web Platform 2017 and HOOPS Platform 2017 — each come with a variety of specialized toolkits related to CAD, 3D PDF, interoperability, and display.

Visualization and remote access to data is becoming an important part of CAD software. The HOOPS Platforms allow software developers to create products that can work with CAD data on the desktop, in a browser, or in a native mobile app. (Source: Tech Soft 3D)

What do we think?

Engineering is quickly moving into a multiple screen experience. Web and native mobile apps are both important: web apps for 24/7 global accessibility and native desktop software for performance and user experience. The emergence of WebGL as an industry standard for graphics display has made the browser a viable platform for engineering applications. Many developers are using Xamarin — a programming environment which allows developers to write C# code once and reuse that code to create both iOS and Android mobile apps. By using HOOPS technologies, software developers can shortcut the process of creating efficient and accurate 3D software to run on any platform.