Tech Soft 3D releases HOOPS 2021 Toolkits and HOOPS Native Platform 2021

(Source: Tech Soft 3D)

Tech Soft 3D has released the HOOPS Native Platform 2021 that integrates HOOPS VisualizeHOOPS Exchange, and HOOPS Publish for desktop and mobile application development. It includes high-performance graphics, CAD data access, and 3D data publishing. The platform supports over 30 CAD formats and helps users create applications for AEC, PLM, MaaS, Metrology, CAM, CAE, EDA, and additive manufacturing.

Last year, Tech Soft 3D entered into CAE market with the acquisitions of Visual Kinematics (VKI) and Ceetron AS. This year, Tech Soft 3D is focusing on the AEC industry, especially on providing improved support for BIM workflows.

Recently, Tech Soft 3D released HOOPS 2021 Toolkits that include HOOPS Visualize 2021HOOPS Exchange 2021HOOPS Publish 2021, and HOOPS Communicator 2021. This yearly release of HOOP SDKs focuses on supporting BIM workflows. The company says that its 2021 HOOPS product releases will provide a beta build for Apple’s new Arm-based chips. The beta build will help developers port their applications for optimal performance.

A free 90-day HOOPS Native Platform trial is also available.

The  press release follows:

February 1, 2021—BEND, OR—Tech Soft 3D, the leading provider of engineering software development toolkits, today announces?the release of the HOOPS Native Platform 2021, which provides notable improvements in support for BIM workflows, the latest file format support, and optimizations for manufacturing workflows.

In addition, the Tech Soft 3D website has been updated with a free 90-day HOOPS Native Platform evaluation experience. Developers interested in building desktop and mobile apps using the HOOPS Native Platform can now start their free evaluation, interact with demos, watch videos, walk-through tutorials, read partner success stories, and browse the updated documentation, all in just a few clicks.

“The power of the HOOPS Native Platform is more than just the three HOOPS products,” says Erik Hultgren, Product Manager of Visualization Solutions. “The HOOPS Native Platform includes industry-leading integrations between all these components, greatly reducing the complexity and development time to bring a new application to market. We continue to strengthen the connections between our products and improve the HOOPS Native Platform experience for our partners.”

The HOOPS Native Platform integrates three advanced HOOPS technologies —HOOPS VisualizeHOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Publish—for desktop and mobile application development, including high-performance graphics, CAD data access and 3D data publishing. New features in the HOOPS Native Platform 2021 include:

  • Faster loading of large models to support BIM workflows, improved measurement operators, and Qt Quick support for cross-platform application development.
  • Support for 3MF and other new format updates, accelerate the development process and improved support of BIM workflows.
  • Improved Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) support in Technical Data Packages (TDP) to support model-based design (MBD).

Full product update descriptions for individual HOOPS SDKs can be found here: HOOPS VisualizeHOOPS ExchangeHOOPS Publish.

The Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry and in particular supporting BIM workflows was a focal point for the 2021 release, with improvements made for performance, scalability, and additional support of BIM workflows. For example, improvements such as improved navigation for building models, including a new 2D floorplan for IFC models, tessellation-based measurement operators designed for common BIM workflows, and improved rendering for models which contain GIS data.

“We’ve improved our support for drawings in DWG, and our Revit import,” said Lionel Vielly, Product Manager for HOOPS Exchange. “We’re committed to AEC & BIM and will continue making it easier for our partners to build powerful industry-leading applications in these markets.”

Not limited to AEC & BIM, performance improvements in the HOOPS Exchange sprocket (connecting HOOPS Visualize to HOOPS Exchange) will be seen by all partner applications using both products.

The HOOPS Native Platform supports Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems. In addition, our 2021 HOOPS product releases provide a beta build of our toolkits to support Apple’s recent shift from Intel-based chips to their new ARM-based architecture, which requires developers to port their applications to provide the best user experience.

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