NEi Software releases FEA iPhone app

NEi Stratus uses cloud technology to provide basic finite element analysis and viewing. FEA on demand, anyone?

NEi Stratus screen shots (Image courtesy NEi Software)

NEi Software has released a free finite element analysis (FEA) application for the iPhone and iPad. NEi Stratus is a cloud-based app that allows engineers to explore how mobile technology can be used to perform basic Nastran-based analysis from a mobile device, viewing results anywhere and anytime. The program is now available for free download from iTunes.

The iPhone and iPad are not powerful enough platforms for true FEA work. According to NEi, this app is intended to demonstrate the potential of combining FEA with cloud and mobile technologies. The initial release of NEi Stratus allows the user to identify a basic shape for analysis (cube, tube, cylinder, or flat plate), then enter dimensions and specify force or pressure, direction of the force, and material. The requirements are then uploaded to NEi’s hosted solver, which performs the analysis and sends the results back to the iPhone/iPad.

NEi says the free app is meant to demonstrate the potential of combining cloud technology with its Nastran solvers and believes this initial exploration into the combination will allow for more complex analysis as the technology matures.
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