Facial Studio adds photomatching to build custom 3D heads from photos

Di-o-matic puts advanced controls in users hands; a slimmed down version of the software is also available.

The newest release of Facial Studio for Windows from Di-o-matic features a new photomatching tool, which makes it possible to build a 3D head using front and side view photos.

Once the front and side photos have been analyzed, more than 500 parameters may be tweaked to achieve the desired look. Completed heads may be exported to a wide variety of art and animation programs using the FBX format.

The new release is available in both Professional ($499) and a slimmed-down Essential version ($199).

More information on the Di-o-matic website.

The photomatching tool in Facial Studio quickly converts a front and lateral photo to a 3D head. (Source: Di-o-matic)
More than 500 specific parameters are available in Facial Studio to create a custom 3D head. (Source: Di-o-matic)