DotProduct unveils Handheld 3D imaging anywhere, anytime, anyplace

The new DPI-8X works with an Android tablet to offer a more portable option for project scanning.

DotProduct recently released its new DPI-8X handheld 3D scanner, a device aiming to put portable, durable, and easy-to-use 3D imaging tools directly into your hands, literally.

The DPI-8X works in tandem with an Android tablet and DotProduct’s proprietary Phi.3D and Dot3D software. This allows the device to transform your tablet into a compact, durable, and of course portable 3D data scanner for use anywhere from the office air vents to the most remote job-sites.

A close-up view of the device showcasing its rugged no-nonsense design philosophy.

Attaching the DPI-8X mount to your tablet allows for the capturing of 3D spatial data without the need to lug a laptop or any computer cables along. This allows users to enter hard-to-reach areas and quickly capture, crop, or measure spatial data on the fly. The system also delivers real-time results, so users can instantly review data and data quality as it is being acquired, no PC required.

Among other features, the DPI-8X allows for the measurement of vertical, horizontal, and point-to-point distances, georeferencing, and an Append to Scan function which allows new data to be captured and added to previously captured data sets. The function also allows for the connection of multiple sets of data into the same coordinate system.

The DPI-8X mount with Android tablet attached, in addition to onboard tablet storage the DPI-8X also sports an additional 16 GB onboard flash drive. (Source: DotProduct)

Data captured with the DPI-8X is easily exported to a myriad of industry formats, and can be integrated directly into popular CAD solutions such as Autodesk ReCap, Trimble Realworks, Sequoia, and many more.

Utilized alongside DotProduct’s Phi.3D and Dot3D software, the DPI-8X allows operators to get into those hard-to-reach areas and out again with as little hassle as possible, or as the company claims, it “delivers the results before you leave the worksite.”

A pre-release demonstration of DotProduct handheld 3D scanning working with an Android tablet.