Daimler comments on switch from Catia to NX

A German IT magazine has gotten comment from Daimler AG regarding its switch of 3D CAD from Dassault Systemes’ Catia to Siemens PLM Software’s NX.

[Editor’s Note: This is an update to our article “Daimler choice of NX is less than meets the eye.”]

A German IT magazine has published comment from Daimler AG regarding its switch of 3D CAD from CATIA to NX.

The news in late November that Daimler would switch CAD platforms set the engineering IT world abuzz, especially when Dassault Systemes issued a rather testy press release in response to the announcement from Siemens PLM regarding the deal.
Now automotiveIT has published an article, in German, which translates as  “Daimler deal with Siemens surprised Dassault.” Using Google Translate to provide an English translation (which we have cleaned up further for clarity) Daimler spokesman Michael Mainka says, “Daimler currently uses CATIA in different business areas. The company will migrate these applications completely to NX.”
Other tidbits, in translation:
  • Dassault has no information on which processes or divisions will replace CATIA-specific applications and which will continue to be used by Daimler.
  • Daimler claims it did evaluate several alternatives, including CATIA V6. In its press release, Dassault claims Daimler did not go through such a process. “Criteria of assessment were to support the specific business processes, integration with existing systems, the future viability of the concept and the technology, quality and cost.”
  • AutomotiveIT speculates that further such losses are looming for Dassault, including their account with Volkswagen Group

[Editor’s Note: Our thanks to US-based IT analyst Monica Schnitger for the tweet tip.]