Bentley’s Top 500 in Infrastructure

Bentley System recently announced its Top 500 Owners in Infrastructure list. The list was compiled by Bentley using financial reports and third party research.

Similar to  McGraw Hill’s useful “Top” lists for design and engineering firms, the Bentley Infrastructure list provides a picture of the total infrastructure industry, which if you count the top 500 companies, is responsible for $13 trillion in U.S. green. The list can be downloaded at .

Bentley's Top Owners Infrastructure by Country
The US has the largest number of infrastructure companies and accounts for the most revenue

According to Bentley’s list, the U.S. dominates the Top 500 with 166 owners earning $4.2 billion in revenues.

  1. United States – 166 Top Owners, $4,241.1 billion
  2. Japan – 58 Top Owners, $1,349.2 billion
  3. China – 29 Top Owners, $869.6 billion
  4. France – 22 Top Owners, $747.2 billion
  5. United Kingdom – 23 Top Owners, $617.8 billion

The survey found that private and public instrastucture owners are well represented but the private sector is considerably larger and accounts for over $9 trillion in revenue. Of the top 500, 359 companies are private-sector organizations.

The top 10 owners in the Bentley Infrastructure 500 and the value of their respective infrastructure are:

  1. United States Government, $282.7 billion
  2. Electricite de France SA – EDF, $186.4 billion
  3. Gazprom (Russia), $161.8 billion
  4. PetroChina Company Limited, $155.9 billion
  5. Exxon Mobil Corporation, $139.1 billion
  6. Petrobras (Brazil), $132.2 billion
  7. Royal Dutch Shell Plc, $129.1 billion
  8. United States Department of the Army, $122.1 billion
  9. Enel Spa (Italy), $113.9 billion
  10. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (Japan), $107.8 billion