Trends in workstations

Fujitsu has been in the workstation business for 30 years. The Fujitsu workstation group has a rich and long-standing history. It has developed powerful, reliable leading-edge systems for over 30 years. Fujitsu and Siemens began in 1923. In 1990, Siemens and Nixdorf formed Siemens Nixdorf Computers AG. Siemens Nixdorf started its workstation business in 1991. Those workstations were based on MIPS and UNIX. In early 1995, the company started the development of the CELSIUS 1. With that system, the workstation market moved from RISC UNIX to Intel/Windows NT. Siemens was the first to announce an Intel/ Windows NT workstation. We were fascinated by the company’s history, recent merging with Lenovo, and its continuing engineering and service support in Europe and did a little investigating and interviewing to learn more. That lead to more than would comfortably fit into a regular TechWatch article so we wrote a white paper about the company’s workstation history, business, and future.