Unity Showcasing the New Unity Wētā Tools Division at Siggraph 2023

At Siggraph 2023, Unity is showcasing its Unity Wētā Tools, the division focused on delivering widely used and trusted solutions for artists to collaborate and create 2D and 3D content.

Unity Wētā Tools’ keynote presentation at Siggraph 2023 will emphasize Unity’s commitment to expanding the boundaries of digital production, fostering innovation and creativity. Presenters, including Unity’s Allan Poore and Natalya Tatarchuk, along with Steve May from Pixar and Joe Letteri of WētāFX, will demonstrate how Unity Wētā Tools are currently utilized in award-winning films to accelerate creative workflows, implement changes seamlessly, and produce higher-quality final shots.

The event will also highlight Unity Wētā Tools’ latest character tools. Attendees can witness the real-time digital human, Samir, and the stylized creature, Nova, showcasing amazing biomechanics as part of their performances. Collaborative tools like SyncSketch will be showcased, facilitating better collaboration and providing real-time and asynchronous feedback for faster iteration. Additionally, the introduction of Unity Wētā Tools’ Deep Compositing and Eddy will aim to redefine post-production workflows, granting creators unprecedented depth and detail in their productions.

During Siggraph 2023, participants can explore Unity Wētā Tools’ products and solutions, including insights into the creation process for Unity’s new real-time digital human with Unity Wētā Tools’ Ziva Real-Time and Wig. They can also participate in sessions discussing creative challenges faced while building characters for Netflix’s The Sea Beast using Unity Wētā Tools’ Ziva VFX. Additionally, attendees will be introduced to Unity Wētā Tools’ Deep Compositing toolset, sharing insights on combining CG renders more efficiently, reducing human error, and gaining more flexibility in scene planning.