Bentley Systems offers full access to LEGION Simulator and OpenBuildings Station Designer

Learning to live with COVID-19.

COVID-19 pandemic is still haunting the world. People are learning to live by arrangements that will improve their safety, efficiency, and security, especially in public places. Taking into consideration the needs of social distancing and crowd management at public places more than ever, facilities managers need tools to develop models, simulate crowd movement, analyze foot traffic, and optimize space utilization of infrastructure assets. Bentley Systems has opened up its LEGION Simulator and OpenBuildings Station Designer software, including waiving new subscription fees through September 30, 2020.

The top left illustrates a 3D model of a retail operation created using OpenBuildings Station Designer. The bottom left shows 2D floor plans that are then imported into LEGION Simulator (right) to test two scenarios. Examples shown are at occupancy rates of 75% (top) and 25% (bottom) to comply with social distancing requirements. (Source: Bentley)

Bentley says LEGION Simulator and OpenBuildings Station Designer offer the continued long-term benefits of a BIM collaboration environment that avoids data silos, coordination delays, and other limitations that result from the separation of planning and design workflows.

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