PTC and BID Group build new tools for remote and online workers

Forestry services company BID Group develops apps for IoT, AR, remote maintenance, and more.

The BID Group specializes in wood processing services. They are a PTC customer and are taking advantage of PTC’s IoT and AR tools to develop tools for their remote services team. Specifically, they are working with Vuforia Chalk to offer realtime assistance to customers wherever they are.

BID has already deployed PTC’s ThingWorx Industrial IoT platform to build a system that provides more transparency into the systems used in lumber mills. According to PTC, the systems BID has built have improved productivity, increased throughput, and improved reliability with realtime data analytics and production reporting.

Now, they’re using more tools from PTC’s portfolio to improve its operations throughout the company. In addition to Vuforia Chalk, the company is also developing with the Vuforia Studio authoring system, and Vuforia Expert Capture, which lets experienced workers capture their processes to help train their colleagues and demonstrate workflows to people in the field, or in the woods in this case.

PTC talked about this work at the LiveWorx conference, which is available online with free replays.

PTC has a little bit more information on their work with The Bid Group on their site.

We have a write-up on the LiveWorx conference here and we’ve written more about Vuforia Chalk here.