Missing link—eliminated!

Feature in Smart-Linkr automatically relinks assets for Adobe Premiere and After Effects projects accessed through DAMs.

(Source: Pexels, Erik Mclean)

Got broken links in your Adobe Premiere and After Effects projects? Fix ’em. Santa Cruz Software has added Smart-Linkr, a feature in its premium version of LinkrUI that will automatically find and fix broken links in works created in those Adobe programs.

LinkrUI enables direct searching, opening, placing, and synchronizing assets stored in a digital asset manager (DAM) system or other cloud storage applications such as Box and Dropbox. When a user accesses a project file that has broken links, Smart-Linkr can automatically detect and relink them. When a broken asset is detected, a missing link icon notification is sent to the user, and the premium version of the software enables the user to search the DAM automatically to find the lost asset and, with a single click, fix any broken link.

If the linked asset is already in the cloud, LinkrUI automatically searches and locates similar assets, and sends a list of them to the user to choose from. If the linked assets are only linked locally, the user can upload the asset to the cloud or DAM service with a single click. Once the project and linked assets are uploaded to the DAM, all team members can access the same cloud-based project and assets using the LinkrUI panel.

Broken links and version control are common problems among creatives. A recent survey of creative professionals commissioned by Santa Cruz Software shows that over 83% respondents are spending time finding lost assets at least once a week. Nearly three-quarters of designers spend at least three hours a week managing versions, and 15% are spending over six hours a week managing versions.

LinkrUI is free; the premium version with the Smart-Linkr feature costs $299 per seat per year.