Meta to Showcase Two Groundbreaking VR Prototypes at Siggraph 2023

Meta’s Reality Labs Research team is hoping to make waves with the introduction of two innovative prototypes at Siggraph 2023. The Butterscotch Varifocal and Flamera demos will showcase the team’s research into future VR developments.

Butterscotch Varifocal. (Source: Meta)

The Butterscotch Varifocal prototype combines varifocal technology from Meta’s Half Dome series with a retinal-resolution VR display. This allows for more natural and comfortable focus at various depths by leveraging eye-tracking technology. The result is crisp, clear visuals that approach the sharpness of the human eye. Although Butterscotch Varifocal may have a reduced field of view compared to consumer headsets, it showcases the potential for enhancing visual acuity and comfort in VR headsets.

Flamera: Bridging the Gap Between VR and Reality

Flamera is a fascinating computational camera that utilizes light field technology for reprojected-free VR passthrough. Unlike traditional passthrough systems, Flamera captures light rays in a way that closely mimics the human eye’s natural perspective. This innovation enables more realistic mixed reality experiences by seamlessly blending virtual content with the user’s view of the physical world.

Flamera. (Source: Meta)

While Butterscotch Varifocal and Flamera are still in the research stage and may not become consumer-facing products, they represent exciting steps forward for the VR industry. The demos are designed to inspire and encourage further exploration of VR and MR technologies.