KeyShot 11.3 now available

Includes Web Viewer updates, Apple silicon support, and more.

KeyShot 11.3: faster than ever. (Source: KeyShot)

KeyShot, maker of the stand-alone real-time ray-tracing/global illumination renderer named after the company, has updated the photorealistic 3D renderer to version 11.3. The KeyShot renderer, which works with both Windows and Mac systems, now offers full native support for Mac computers with Apple silicon (no longer in beta). For those newer Mac users with Apple silicon, KeyShot is purporting a 15% to 30% performance gain in rendering and overall performance.

Users of KeyShot Network Rendering should also achieve faster performance and faster rendering using Apple silicon. Other network rendering improvements have been added too.

In addition, the user interface has been reworked to make viewing faster and easier on both desktop and mobile devices. Load times are also faster (2.5× to 4×), although the amount is dependent on the browser and scene. A new Merge Parts feature in the Mesh Simplification tool can lighten a heavy scene for faster viewing. And, cameras and environment variation are also now supported in the KeyShot Web Viewer.

Another significant feature in KeyShot 11.3 is CMF (Color, Materials, Finish) output, a time-saver for industrial designers. Users now can output in PDF format as well as CMF to the material information manager.

KeyShot 11.3 is available now and is priced at $1,188 per year.