Graebert offers extended trial of Ares Kudo

The company hopes cloud-based CAD program makes it easier for people to stay home and work.

Ares Kudo runs on all operating systems and device platforms. (Source: Graebert)

Okay, you’re on day 5 or week 3 or you have lost track of time during the clampdown. If, perhaps, the one thing that would make your life a teensy bit easier would be the ability to draft the boundaries of your prison or share CAD drawings; Graebert is here to help.

Graebert has announced the free availability of Ares Kudo through May. Kudo runs on all operating systems and platforms including mobile and Chrome-based devices. In addition, Kudo supports various drive systems such as OneDrive, Google Cloud, Dropbox, etc.

The company says the move was made out of consideration for the millions of professionals who are required to work remotely. Kudo is Graebert’s cloud-based option for its Ares CAD systems. The idea is that using Kudo will make it easier for people to access their data and collaborate with others stuck wherever they may be.

In a prepared statement, Wilfried Graebert, CEO and founder of Graebert, said, “we feel it is our duty to encourage people to stay at home and help the CAD community to maintain their activity.”

The Graebert Kudo site has more details including instructions for accessing free Kudo.

The company says they’ll be updating information about the offer regularly at