FMX 2023 tickets are available now

Outside FMX hall

Tickets for FMX 2023, a hybrid event for the animation, effects, games, and immersive media industry, are available for sale now. There are two types of ticket categories to choose from. Attendees can buy a conference pass to attend FMX live in Stuttgart, Germany, April 25–27 or purchase an online pass and immerse themselves in the virtual event on April 28 only. However, select content will be available to all visitors on demand through May.

Tickets are available here.

The following programs have been confirmed for on-site presentation:

  • Art direction and concept art for indie productions and high-profile IPs—A talk by Almu Redondo, art director, Cartoon Saloon. Redondo will share her creative approaches using examples of her work on My Father’s Dragon, Wolfwalkers, Belle, or Riot Games cinematics to show how storytelling can benefit from the power of images.
  • The VFX of Kleo—Pascal Bussmann and Matthias Backmann from LAVAlabs will discuss how they created around 450 VFX shots within a year, from pre-production to the final shot for the Netflix TV series Kleo.
  • Cinematography for stylized motion pictures— Christos Obretenov, Lollipop Shaders, will discuss how stylized rendering in feature films has opened up the creative possibilities in cinematography through different techniques using painterly, watercolor, illustrative lighting, and linework. These techniques are used in lighting design, shadow placement, and focus & depth of field through various animated feature-film projects.

FMX is a yearly conference by Filmakademie’s Animationsinstitut and organized by Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. This year marks the 27th edition of the event.