Autodesk acquires cloud software solution Unifi

Having Unifi’s cloud solution ensures AEC information is always available at the right time. (Source: Autodesk)

Autodesk recently signed an agreement to acquire Unifi, a cloud software solution for building information modeling (BIM) content. Currently, coordinating content across multiple projects using Autodesk is a manual process and requires a significant amount of work. Unifi’s asset management capabilities mean Autodesk users can spend less time putting information together and more time focusing on projects. BIM content will be ready anytime and anywhere, just a few clicks away.

“Unifi will add value to our current offerings and enable customers across the globe to get more value out of their BIM data. Being able to better manage their project assets is an important step in digital transformation. Peering ahead, Unifi’s underlying technology will provide a key AEC data capability that will transform the way our customers work by connecting their data and providing the insights they need at every phase of the project lifecycle,” said Rob Maguire, VP of AutoCAD at Autodesk.