Earth Volumetric Studio visualizes time dimension in 3D PDF’s

Including naturally transitional data or engineering changes will aid any geospatial or earth-engineering inquiry.

C Tech Development Corporation (CTECH) has introduced a new 3DPDF-based application for adding the effects of time and motion to any earth-based engineering study. Earth Volumetric Studio (EVS) provides tools for advanced volumetric gridding, geostatistical analysis, geologic layer separation, and 4D visualization, using 3D PDF as its output format.

Earth Volumetric Studio adds the element of time to complex earth-based engineering data visualizations. (Source: Visual Technology Services)

CTECH says EVS is designed to extend the usefulness of its existing products, Environmental Visualization System and Mining Visualization System, making their output relevant to all earth science disciplines. The company says 4D visualization “is a powerful way to present or evaluate data in any industry that works with 3D modelling images and schedules or sequences.” The fourth dimension is the animation applied to show how 3D data changes or evolves over time. Earth scientists, engineers, planners, and geologists can use EVS to visually demonstrate how volumetric data changes over a specific period.

CTECH uses the PDF3D toolset created by Visual Technology Services, an independent software company which extends the capabilities of 3D PDF for engineering and geospatial industries.