Three Autodesk apps support Google Drives on launch

Autodesk has wasted no time hitching a ride on Google’s latest cloud project.

Three free Autodesk apps, AutoCAD WS, Pixlr Editor, and Pixlr Express, are among a handful of apps included in the official launch of Google Drive, the new cloud-based file storage and sharing application released today by Google.

If you are familiar with Dropbox or Box, you already understand Google Drive. It is an online storage utility that appears to the user as if it works on the local device. Files can be placed in the local “folder” and become available to any other device or user who also uses the service and has permission to access the data.

Google Drive starts rolling out today in a limited deployment, and will add users on a regular basis until the backlog of requests is filled. This is typically how Google deploys new technology.

AutoCAD WS in Google Drive menu. (Source: Autodesk)