XaitMap for Unity now supports iOS, Android, and Unity Web Player

Mobile developers can now use the artificial intelligence pathfinder for games and simulations.

Xaitment has expanded the scope of its XaitMap for Unity plug-in by adding support for iOS, Android, and the Unity Web Player. The path-finding software based on artificial intelligence technology can now deploy NavMeshes, movement, pathfinding, obstacle avoidance, and more, on the two most popular mobile environments as well as on most browsers.

A game character follows a pre-defined path created using XaitMap for Unity. (Source: Xaitment)

Once installed, xaitMap for Unity’s pathfinding functionality appears in the interface and menu structure of Unity and Unity Pro (versions 3.4 and 3.5). XaitMap for Unity is Windows-based (Mac support coming soon) and brings a number of powerful path-finding features to mobile and browser game development:

  • 3D NavMesh generation on any type of terrain
  • Platform-optimized path-finding
  • In-game NavMesh updates using dynamic blockers
  • Setting up and modifying collision avoidance on any component in a scene
  • Creating and modifying a character’s movement
  • Creating predefined paths by dragging and dropping targets on a NavMesh.

Clearing a budget path

Path-finding is a key component of most games today, including games running on mobile devices and in browsers. The problem is the cost of development in an environment where otherwise costs are miniscule; advanced path-finding tools from other vendors are pricey. At $499, most serious developers can find a way to invest. To jumpstart sales, Xaitment will sell the first 250 copies for $249 instead of $499.

More information: www.xaitment.com