Tech Soft 3D posts 40% revenue growth in 2011

During 2011 the engineering software component vendor significantly expanded its product line, including becoming the official North America vendor of AutoCAD OEM

HOOPS visualization technology from Tech Soft 3D is used in a wide variety of technical graphics and engineering software products. (Source: Tech Soft 3D)

Engineering software component vendor Tech Soft 3D, today announces 40% revenue growth in 2011. The private firm is not required to publish specific revenue or income results. The Berkeley, California firm says 2011 was its 16th consecutive year of profitable growth.

The company says as a result of increased revenue it was able to increase R&D spending by 25% in 2011. Tech Soft 3D also opened a sales and consulting office in Yokohama, Japan during the year.

TS3D significantly expanded its product portfolio in 2011. It became the publisher of the PRC-based HOOPS Publish, acquired from Adobe, and it became the official vendor of all AutoCAD OEM business in North America. Revenue for its flagship HOOPS Visualize graphics engine was up 20% in 2011.