OpenBOM strikes an integration deal with Kubotec KeyCreator

The deal gives KeyCreator users a cloud-based CAD-to-BOM workflow.

Bill of Materials startup OpenBoM has landed a collaboration deal with Kubotec KeyCreator, the mechanical 3D CAD tool popular in heterogeneous engineering environments. The deal allows KeyCreator users to make simultaneous changes to a Bill of Materials (BOM) list using OpenBOM’s cloud-based tools.

KeyCreator users can now update or manage their Bill of Materials in real-time from with the CAD environment using the new integration with OpenBOM, built into the KeyCreator menu. (Source: Kubotek)

Features of the new interaction between OpenBOM and KeyCreator include:

  • Access and manage all OpenBoM BOMs in a single browser-based dashboard
  • Track BOM records and create and manage BOM revisions
  • View history of changes to a BOM and generate change reports
  • Flexible BOM configuration with customizable properties
  • BOM sharing and collaboration with team, manufacturers and suppliers
  • Simultaneous BOM editing across organizational and geographic boundaries
  • Track part usage across multiple BOMs with intelligent “Where used” queries
  • Multi-level BOM support with intelligent “Composed of” queries
  • Create and maintain Part Catalogs (Inventories)
  • Export BOM to Excel, PDF and CSV and
  • Integration with MCAD and ECAD tools to to manage BOM changes from different CAD systems

OpenBOM says a typical use-case example is real-time collaboration between engineering and procurement by allowing people to stay on the same BOM without exchanging emails with BOM spreadsheet attachments.

The integration of OpenBOM is one of many new features in the most recent KeyCreator update. Other new features include enhancements to 3D modeling functions, and support for the latest versions of most enterprise and mainstream MCAD products.  

What do we think?

Anytime complimentary engineering tools can interact to reduce the friction of information transfer, it is a good thing. Putting OpenBOM inside KeyCreator gives engineers real-time access to part and BOM data, as well as tracking and editing changes to the BOM made by anyone in the organization. A complete audit trail record is a nice bonus. The two companies have worked together to make OpenBOM access part of the KeyCreator menu structure; there is no moving in and out of CAD environment.