SpaceClaim links to Simerics CFD

Users of Pumplinx and Simerics MP can use SpaceClaim to prepare CAD geometry for simulation.

3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) vendor Simerics and 3D CAD editor SpaceClaim have introduced a direct integration between the two company’s products. The two say the deal will allow Simerics users to more quickly prepare complex CAD models for simulations.

Simerics Pumplinx is used to analyze a wide variety of pumps, motor, and other mechanical devices involving fluids. (Source: Simerics)

Two Simerics products will be given direct integration with SpaceClaim, Pumplinx and Simerics MP. Pumplinx is used to analyze fluid pumps, motors, valves, compressors, and cavitation. Simerics MP uses the company’s proprietary CDF technology for multi-purpose applications. Both can simulate heat transfer and fluid dynamics of complex systems.

Our take

This deal continues a long-standing goal of SpaceClaim to become the CAD editor of choice for simulation and analysis experts who need to prepare CAD models but either don’t want to keep licensed copies of multiple CAD systems on hand or don’t want to take the time to be an expert in any one CAD system. SpaceClaim uses direct model manipulation and can import/export all major MCAD formats. Similar deals have been struck with Ansys, Trumpf, SketchUp, and Cadra, among others.