Six 3D scanner makers adopt Geomagic Wrap

The six manufacturers sell at various price points to various applications within the larger 3D scanning market.

Six manufacturers of 3D scanning hardware have already adopted the new Geomagic Wrap OEM Edition software for integrated scan-to-3D solutions. Wrap OEM Edition is a special version of Geomagic Wrap designed to deliver professional-grade 3D polygonal models direct from 3D scan data. The OEM edition is designed for inclusion with a new breed of scanning devices now entering the market.

Wrap OEM edition combines Geomagic’s automated 3D point cloud merge and registration with sophisticated clean-up tools and rapid, accurate polygon mesh generation. After enhancement with included sculpting, trimming and shelling tools, 3D digital models can be used in downstream applications such as 3D printing and digital content creation for visualization, entertainment, archival and medical applications. Models can be exported in a variety of formats, including STL, OBJ and 3D PDF.

The six scanner hardware manufacturers who will bundle Wrap OEM Edition with their 3D scanners are Creaform, 3D3 Solutions, 3D Digital, Noomeo, Open Technologies, and Vialux.

What do we think?

Geomagic is a leader in the industry, with its 3D point cloud software having been proven with multiple uses on the Space Shuttle among thousands of other applications. These bundles create complete hardware and software solutions for accurately producing digital models of physical objects, and lower the total package price. What’s not to like?