Siemens PLM launches Teamcenter Mobility for iPad

Five million Teamcenter PLM users are today adding the Apple iPad to their requisition lists. This is the first PLM app to offer more than sketching or a catalog.

New Teamcenter Mobility for iPad. (Images courtesy Siemens PLM Software)

Siemens PLM today released Teamcenter Mobility, a mobile connection tool for use on Apple iPad with Teamcenter PLM. It is the first PLM app that offers heavy-duty access to PDM data, going beyond the sketchbook or catalog apps currently offered by other PLM vendors.

Teamcenter Mobility is available immediately in both free and paid ($19.95) versions. The free version has most features, but allows access only to a sample Teamcenter installation hosted by Siemens. Purchasing the app opens access to a user’s servers.

Siemens PLM sees this iPad app as extending the value of PLM’s “single source of truth” by making access to data easier across the entire engineering/manufacturing cycle.

Available features include:

  • Connect to Teamcenter using secure socket layer (SSL) technology
  • Perform Teamcenter searches, with filter and sort
  • Change-management dashboard shows changes and issues in pie-chart format
  • Task Lists and Workflows allow access to all related documents, drawings, and 3D JT models
  • View 3D JT models directly from a web page
  • Show revisions and related items for each selected revision
  • Auto-populate forms with user information
  • Work in online mode or download content for offline work.
  • One-touch access to Teamcenter Thin Client
  • Perform Multi-Select and Sign-off for similar tasks in a single action
  • Customize attribute display to limit exposure to specific roles or users
  • Review and Execute task approval/disapproval
  • Synchronize favorite settings between Teamcenter Mobility and Teamcenter.
Teamcenter Mobility can open 3D models for review and markup.

What we think

Teamcenter on the iPad is a game-changer. This is the first PLM app for the iPad that is more than a sketch tool or a catalog. Siemens PLM has raised the bar for what users should expect from their PLM technology. It will take time for the largest manufacturers to wrap their heads around this, but users are ready.

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Teamcenter Mobility users can drill down through both models and lists for specific data.
Teamcenter Mobility allows users to edit documents using iPad cut/copy/paste tools.