CL3VER’s cloud-based platform turns 3D models into interactive presentations in one click

Single-click support is available for Revit and 3ds Max users, while plugins for SketchUp and Rhino are in Beta.

A cloud-based platform for interactive web and mobile 3D presentations in AEC and manufacturing, CL3VER has launched CL3VER 3D that can create browser-based presentation of a 3ds Max or Revit scene with a single click. CL3VER claims that presentations can be created and shared 10× faster through any web browser.

An older version of CL3VER required users to rebuild lights and materials inside the application. The one-click method simplifies this. Users can connect their projects to realtime 3D environments while navigating freely with automatic camera transitions. Revit BIM information and V-Ray for 3ds Max scene setups are also supported.

CL3VER says CL3VER 3D is a powerful collaboration tool that helps team members provide realtime feedback via cloud-based annotations, comments, and bookmarks in their browser.

Other features include:

  • Realtime rendering—a newly developed realtime render engine supports ray-traced global illumination, dynamic daylight, realtime reflections, and physically based materials. Users can see their scene visualized instantly with improved photorealism.
  • BIM support—predefined 2D and 3D views, worksets and linked models are included in the presentation quickly, allowing users to easily present BIM projects.
  • V-ray scene setup support—full compatibility with V-Ray scene setups ensures transfer of all V-Ray materials without any extra pre-processing.
  • Private web sharing—projects can be sent via a link that allows full access to the presentation. With one set location, teams can store all their comments in a secure place.
  • Multiple outputs—presentations can be accessed in the cloud, in VR, or offline, making the communication cycle between designers and decision makers much shorter.
  • Post-processing tools—onboard controls for resolution, backgrounds, gamma, vignettes and light intensity allow users to make end-moments adjustments.

Promoting integration with V-ray

Last year, Chaos Group announced a new partnership with CL3VER and invested €2 million in the company. The first goal of the partnership was to connect Chaos Group V-Ray to CL3VER’s interactive presentation platform. Soon in collaboration with Chaos Group, CL3VER will connect the new realtime engine to V-Ray, enabling enterprise users to create photorealistic still images of current views, as well as automatically bake lightmaps to improve the visual quality of their presentations.


CL3VER 3D is now available for Revit and 3ds Max users. SketchUp and Rhino users can access the beta platform here. Price: $40/month for an entry account, $60/month for pro account.

CL3VER offers two months free on purchase of a yearly license. Users can also avail 25% discount on buying any annual license until November 4.

A free trial of CL3VER 3D is available now.