Numecent rounds up $15.5 million Series B investment

Deutsche Telekom again leads the investment round. Specializing in client-side virtualization has been a key to “disruptive growth.”

Cloudpaging expert Numecent today announced it has raised $15.5 million in a major Series-B funding round, bringing the total funding to date in the company to approximately $38 million.

Deutsche Telekom, who led the Series-A funding round, participated with an additional $4.5M of new investment. The rest of the funding was raised primarily from European industrialists, family offices, and private equity firms.

Numecent specializes in client-side virtualization. (Source: Numecent)
Numecent specializes in client-side virtualization. (Source: Numecent)

Cloudpaging is Numecent’s client-side containerization and virtualization platform. The technology is designed to provide what the company says is “rapid, dynamic, secure, and friction-free provisioning” of any Microsoft Windows application from the cloud, by transporting pre-virtualized software fragments to physical or virtual desktops.

“While the rest of the industry is focused on moving server-side workloads to the cloud, we are unique in applying containerization and virtualization to deliver client-side workloads from the cloud,” said Osman Kent, Executive Chairman and co-founder of Numecent. “With this major new funding, we will not only be able to continue our disruptive growth on Windows but will also accelerate the development of cloudpaging for other form factors and operating systems like Android and Linux.”

In the past 12 months Numecent was named a winner of the Red Herring Top 100 North America award, was chosen among the top 20 virtualization solutions by CIO Review magazine and was cited as one of the 12 data-center technology companies to watch by TechTarget. “Numecent is on a good trajectory and is receiving traction from major players in the industry,” said Vicente Vento, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Telekom Strategic Investments. “This traction validates the view that cloudpaging is potentially transformative not only for IT, but also for emerging sectors like IoT.”

Unlike other cloud technology offerings, cloudpaging dynamically provisions client-side applications from the cloud without requiring enterprise data to be moved to the cloud, which can remain securely behind the enterprise firewall. Numecent says the technology allows “not just ISVs, but also cloud service providers and enterprises [to] deliver their desktop applications from the cloud with impunity.”