New link allows Keyshot direct access to GrabCAD models for rendering

3D renderings can be posted to GrabCAD, or models from GrabCAD may be imported to Keyshot.

Luxion’s KeyShot renderer now has direct access to 3D CAD models from the GrabCAD product design collaboration platform. The new link allows KeyShot users to create photorealistic 3D rendering of models in their GrabCAD workspace.

New integration provides direct data transfer between KeyShot and GrabCAD.(Source: Luxion)
New integration provides direct data transfer between KeyShot and GrabCAD.(Source: Luxion)

Within KeyShot, a new option under Edit, Preferences, Plugins is now available. When a user activates this plugin, they will be prompted to log into GrabCAD allowing authorization to connect to the GrabCAD users’ account.  After a rendering is created, the user may select the image(s) they wish to upload from the KeyShot Library Renderings tab, right-click and select Publish to GrabCAD. The user has the option to publish the image(s) to the public Library or private Workbench. Once published, the user will be taken to the GrabCAD project in their web browser. Initially, this functionality allows direct publishing of a rendered image to a GrabCAD Project or Workbench, with the ability to import models directly into KeyShot coming later in 2013. A video of the functionality can be viewed below.

With KeyShot, GrabCAD users have the ability to create photorealistic 3D renderings, animations and interactive visuals to compliment the 3D files they share in the Community or the private projects they collaborate on with GrabCAD Workbench. This is extended even further by the wide variety of 3D file formats that both KeyShot and GrabCAD support, with tight integration to import, view and render 3D data. This partnership also establishes the additional ability for users to connect to their GrabCAD account from KeyShot to publish 3D renderings of their models.