Keeping a watch on CAD industry trends

The CADspeed blog puts our Kathleen Maher in the interview chair.

cadspeed logoUsually the people who report and comment on the news try to stay in the shadows as much as possible. But sometimes it just isn’t possible these days. CADspeed, a blog on industry trends published by Cadalyst, recently asked Kathleen Maher, our Editor-in-Chief and VP of Jon Peddie Research, to share her perspective on the CAD industry. Highlights:

On the nature of the CAD market:

The CAD industry is a leading indicator for many things, including technology and world economies. CAD engineers tend to be early adopters. As a result, we see an interest in adapting mobile tools for use in engineering both in the field and in the office.

On virtual reality:

Kathleen Maher, Editor-in-Chief, GraphicSpeak
Kathleen Maher, Editor-in-Chief, GraphicSpeak

Virtual reality is not a new trend in CAD; it has always been used.

On workstation sales:

The workstation market did see some slowdown as a result of the recession, but not as much as PCs did; and when the market began to pick up, workstation sales rebounded faster and stronger. 

On new technologies to pay attention to:

The use of sensor data is changing the way projects are designed, built, and maintained. Quite a few companies are interested in helping design the burgeoning Internet of Things from the things themselves to the systems that support them.

The complete interview is here: