Graphisoft ships new ArchiCAD 16, and introduces

Eagerly awaited ArchiCAD 16 introduces new push-pull design tools and a cloud-based repository.

Graphisoft is now shipping its latest update, ArchiCAD 16. The company, a subsidiary of Nemetschek, is an early pioneer in the development of what we now call BIM. It’s products have always included intelligence-backed design methods. With this new version of its flagship ArchiCAD, Graphisoft has enhanced its design capabilities and it has introduced a cloud-based resource with its new GDL portal.

The Morph tool in ArchiCAD 16
ArchiCAD's Morph tool enables users to refine a shape by pushing and pulling edges and nodes.

Graphicsoft has developed its new Morph tool for ArchiCAD 16 which allows more free-form design allowing designers to create any kind of surface or solid morph with no geometric limitations. Objects created using the Morph tool can be saved as GDL objects. Also, GDL objects such as doors, windows, stairs, etc. can be translated to morph elements, they can be modified and then changed back to GDL components.

Other new features in ArchiCAD 16 includes integrated Energy Evaluation, which provides dynamic evaluations of BIM models using BIM geometry and online weather data from the building location.

The BIMComponents feature is an online community database where users can create, search, upload and download custom BIM components from within their native BIM application. Graphicsoft is now shipping the International, US, and German versions. In all the company will ship 26 local versions by the end of Q3, 2012.